Uncontested Election Means Most of Current NWCUA Board Will be Re-Seated in October

The current Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) board of directors received a quiet vote of confidence from its member credit unions this week, as the Association finalized its new board of directors. Ten of the 11 newly chosen board members were incumbents, and all 11 ran unopposed.

No challengers to the slate of candidates means that all 10 incumbent board members who chose to run for a seat will return to lead the newly formed regional credit union trade association in 2012.

The new 11-member board will take the place of the initial 18-member board that came together through the merger of the Washington Credit Union League and the Credit Union Association of Oregon in January 2011. Eight of the 11 board members will represent a geographic district, and the remaining three at-large board members will be representing credit unions based on asset size.

The 11 credit union leaders from Oregon and Washington will begin their staggered terms immediately following the 2012 NWCUA Annual Business Meeting on Oct. 2. Once those one-, two- and three-year terms are completed, all board seats will be three years in length.

“We’re very pleased about the confidence our membership has in the leadership and direction the Northwest Credit Union Association has taken and believe this uncontested election is clear evidence that the progress we’ve made since forming last year has been impactful,” NWCUA CEO John Annaloro said. “Great governance and continuity are vital components of a strong regional industry.”

In addition, because the election was uncontested, ballots and candidate information will not be distributed to the voting membership, but that doesn’t mean that NWCUA membership won’t get a chance to meet with the incoming board members prior to their taking office.

“All of our board members are highly qualified, highly visible leaders locally, in their communities, as well as with the regional credit union industry,” NWCUA President Troy Stang said. “As they prepare to recommit to the vision they helped set, our membership will have many opportunities to connect with them.”

The new NWCUA board of directors consists of:


Bob Newcomb

SELCO Community Credit Union – Eugene, Ore. (incumbent)
District 1: Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

 Board - Fallis, Jack

Jack Fallis

Global Credit Union – Spokane, Wash. (incumbent)
District 2: Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

 Board - Anderson, Bill 2

Bill Anderson

Mid Oregon Federal Credit Union – Bend, Ore. (incumbent)
District 3: One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

 Board - Wheat-Palm, Jean

Jean Wheat-Palm

Valley Credit Union – Salem, Ore. (incumbent)
District 4: Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

 Board - Griffith, Tom

Tom Griffith

Pacific NW Federal Credit Union – Portland, Ore. (new member)
District 5: One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

 Board - Jones, Phil

Phil Jones

Harborstone Credit Union – Tacoma, Wash. (incumbent)
District 6: Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

 Board - Graves, Tom

Tom Graves

Prevail Credit Union – Seattle, Wash. (incumbent)
District 7: One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

 Board - Belcoe, Terry

Terry Belcoe

North Coast Credit Union – Bellingham, Wash. (incumbent)
District 8: Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

 Board - Keese, Debie

Debie Keesee

Spokane Media Federal Credit Union – Spokane, Wash. (incumbent)
At Large (Small Asset): Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

 Board - Cate, Shirley

Shirley Cate

Providence Federal Credit Union – Milwaukie, Ore. (incumbent)
At Large (Middle Asset): Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

 Board - Stuart, Rob

Rob Stuart

OnPoint Community Credit Union – Portland, Ore. (incumbent)
At Large (Large Asset): One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

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