Think Outside the Checkbox: Sleek New Package Ushers in New Era of Check Packaging and Storage

Check packaging is undergoing a revolutionary change. Just as you can’t imagine buying a television without a remote, soon your members won’t imagine receiving their checks without CheckFolio, a new check packaging system from Harland Clarke.

The slim CheckFolio measures 10 inches by 6.5 inches and looks like a notebook—its spine only half an inch thick. Inside are removable checkbooks, neatly aligned left and right, giving members a brand new system for receiving and storing checks.

Yet for all its apparent magic, CheckFolio is the result of years of meticulous development that included extensive research and consumer testing.

Harland Clarke’s packaging research included national video surveys, end-of-check-order surveys, product preference surveys, focus groups and client forums. The company asked more than 1,000 consumers for their opinions about and preferences for various check package prototypes and researched the check delivery needs of credit unions.

The CheckFolio prototype repeatedly came out on top. A staggering 94 percent of respondents preferred CheckFolio to the traditional checkbox.

Long Live the Check

CheckFolio couldn’t have come at a better time. Checks are a key member engagement tool, according to Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2011 “State of the Check” study. Javelin found that the value of each check written has skyrocketed to 10 times that of a debit card charge, and that more emotion is tied to checks than to other payment forms.

And, according to a Javelin white paper entitled, “Facing Durbin: Enhancing DDA Value With Check-based Solutions,” checks continue to be important to consumers, which means they should be important to credit unions. There is a positive correlation between profitable credit union members and active check-writers.

Financial Institutions Get the Kudos

With the introduction of CheckFolio, credit unions should advise members that their checks may be arriving in a new slim, green package. Once the transition is complete, there are a variety of potential ways for credit unions to use CheckFolio to foster the check-writing relationship.

What Is CheckFolio?

CheckFolio is revolutionizing the way members receive, use and store checks. Members particularly like these three key features:

  1. CheckFolio is organized. All components are packaged together neatly, ready to place in a drawer, in a filing cabinet, or on a bookshelf for easy access and storage.
  2. CheckFolio is secure. CheckFolio arrives in a tamper-evident package. Plus, its unique design makes for discreet and flexible storage options, helping protect both the contents and the member’s identity.
  3. CheckFolio is eco-friendly. The compact and efficient design uses less material and creates less waste—and CheckFolio is recyclable.


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