Last Call for Nominations for Foundation Board of Trustees

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) is seeking candidates to serve on its board of trustees. Individuals who are interested in helping to carry out the NWCUF’s mission as elected board members should submit a written declaration of candidacy no later than Monday, June 18.

The NWCUF is a newly organized 501(c)(3) resulting from the official merger between the Oregon and Washington Credit Union Foundations on January 1, 2012. As such, a new board of trustees will be comprised of elected seats representing each of the eight governance districts of the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA).

Three additional asset-size category seats and select at-large seats will also be appointed after the elected positions are formally seated on Oct. 2 at the NWCUF’s Annual Business Meeting. Terms for all trustees will expire at staggered intervals.

The NWCUF is now accepting nominations to fill one seat in each district to serve in a one-, two-, or three-year term as a trustee. A declaration of candidacy form, an NWCUF board of trustees job description, and a list of currently declared candidates are available online. An election for each contested seat will be conducted via mail ballot in July.

The following individuals have currently submitted a declaration of candidacy to serve on the NWCUF board for their respective districts:



Declared Candidates for Position

District 1

One-year Term, Ending in 2013

Helen Funk – Rogue Federal Credit Union
(Open Seat – No Incumbent)

District 2

Two-year Term, Ending in 2014

Incumbent, Steve Wilder – Horizon Credit Union

District 3

Three-year Term, Ending in 2015

Incumbent, Kyle Frick – Mid Oregon Federal Credit Union

District 4

One-year Term, Ending in 2013

Stephen Pagenstecher, Valley Credit Union;
Jill Nowacki, MaPS Credit Union
(Open Seat – No Incumbent)

District 5

Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

Incumbent, Barbara Mathey – IBEW & United Workers Federal Credit Union

District 6

Three-year Term, Ending in 2015

Two incumbents: Lesley Carrell – Fibre Federal Credit Union;
Carlene Joseph – Harborstone Credit Union

District 7

Three-year Term, Ending in 2015

Incumbent, Carolyn Young – Kitsap Credit Union

District 8

Two-year Term, Ending in 2014

Incumbent, Gayle Yost – Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union

“Serving on the NWCUF board of trustees is a commitment of time and effort, yet the rewards are significant,” said RoxAnne Kruger, executive director of the NWCUF. “Trustees are presented with numerous opportunities to learn more about the philanthropic industry as well as develop new relationships with colleagues from the region and across the nation. And the leadership they provide for the Foundation drives all of our efforts.”

The NWCUF engages in activities and programs designed to benefit Northwest credit unions and the communities they serve. This includes offering varied grant programs that support small credit union development, community outreach endeavors and public consumer education projects. The NWCUF also provides a robust professional development scholarship program.

Through its work, the Foundation’s mission is to fund broad-reaching initiatives ultimately intended to positively impact and support credit unions, their membership and their communities.

Questions about the declaration of candidacy, the upcoming election process, or other details related to the Foundation board of trustees should be directed to RoxAnne Kruger at 206.340.4111, ext. 136, or Earlene Fantz, current NWCUF board chair, at 253.584.1065.

Questions? Contact Foundation Development Associate Josalyn Alston: 206.340.4814,

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