Rivermark’s Burgess Appointed to Oregon Growth Board

Scott Burgess, president and CEO of Rivermark Community Credit Union, was appointed by Gov. John Kitzhaber to serve on the newly formed Oregon Growth Board, which will oversee a more efficient, streamlined and effective jobs and business growth program. The board was formed as a result of the passage of HB 4040, the Oregon Investment Act, in the 2012 February legislative session.

“I’m proud to represent credit unions on the Oregon Growth Board,” Burgess said. “Credit unions have a long history of helping members and small-business owners be financially successful, through both good and challenging economic times. That strength aligns well with the objectives of the Oregon Investment Act, and I look forward to bringing the credit union perspective to the table.”

The Oregon Growth Board was a component of HB 4040, the Oregon Investment Act, one of a series of jobs bills passed in the February 2012 legislative session pursuing innovative and cost-effective ways to support Oregon businesses. HB 4040 included efforts to put all state economic development efforts in a single streamlined organization and was the product of months of outreach to community and business leaders around the state. The legislation is intended to improve the effectiveness of the state’s economic development strategy and was supported by the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA).

The result of the legislation is a comprehensive strategy to support Oregon businesses and to create quality jobs for Oregonians. The Oregon Investment Act adjusts the state’s economic development approach to allow increased access to capital for Oregon businesses, create more jobs and foster greater public-private partnerships.

Under HB 4040, economic development resources will now be entirely coordinated under the Oregon Growth Board, which will establish a unified strategic framework for all economic development resources. Businesses looking to grow jobs in Oregon will be able to find a full menu of assistance options in one place.

“With our background in local communities in Oregon, credit unions have first-hand experience in deploying capital locally,” said Pam Leavitt, contract lobbyist for the NWCUA. “We continue to see how our members are affected by the local economy, and because of this, the Association worked hard to get credit unions a seat on the board. We believe the Oregon Investment Act can build on the public-private partnerships that are currently working and improve them by adding leverage from the private sector so we can expand and diversify efforts to grow and improve all our communities.”

Oregon’s economic development resources had previously been spread throughout multiple agencies and lacked a coordinated strategic framework to prioritize investments. The February legislation addresses that need, adding elements of coordination, flexibility and leverage to Oregon’s economic development strategy.


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