New Speakers Bureau Offers Expert Resources to Credit Unions

Chapter meetings, networking councils, young professionals and future leaders gatherings can provide performance-improving value—as long as the presentations are compelling and that the “usual suspects” aren’t always presenting.

If you’ve ever been charged with creating an event and making it interesting, you know the challenges of finding a high-energy and knowledgeable presenter at a price you can afford.

The Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA) new Speakers Bureau is harnessing the talent and expertise available locally as a resource for member credit unions and community organizations. More than 40 professionals have offered their services and are prepared to present on topics such as succession plans, lending risks, motivation, industry trends, dressing for success, the regulatory burden, human resources challenges and more.

The Speakers Bureau resources are conveniently available online, and provide information about speakers who are experienced CEOs, regulatory experts, marketing directors and advocacy leaders. Many of the speakers do not charge fees.

“We are excited about the ease of using the Speakers Bureau,” said Kasey Rockwell, director of outreach programs for the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA). “It should help provide lots of speaker resources to our chapters and others within the Northwest credit union system,”

Rockwell noted the speakers already offering their services are prepared to address topics ranging from credit union history and philosophy to advocacy and compliance issues. 

The Speakers Bureau resource offers tips to meeting planners so they can better prepare their speakers to meet the audience.

It is also a resource for credit union professionals to make their services available as speakers. An online registration form allows experts to provide information about their experience, availability, and topics they are prepared to address.

The Speakers Bureau resource will be offered first to the NWCUA’s member credit unions, chapters and councils, and then to outside organizations, such as rotary clubs and chambers of commerce.

“The impressive background our speakers can take out into our communities will help to raise credit union awareness in such a positive way,” said RoxAnne Kruger, NWCUA senior vice president. “Our experts are underutilized by the public and by the media. We think credit union professionals should be go-to resources for all things consumer and financial, and this is an important first step.”


 Questions? Contact Director of Outreach Programs Kasey Rockwell: 503.350.2217,

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