How Do You Measure the Value of CUNA Membership?

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA), with its network of 44 state and regional leagues/associations, counted more than 6,100 of America’s credit unions as members. In 2011, credit unions saw their membership at work through the achievement of the following milestones:

  • CUNA delivered 78 comment letters to 17 federal agencies (NCUA, Dept. of Treasury, CFPB, Federal Reserve Board, FinCEN, IRS, Small Business Administration, DOJ, FHFA, FTC, FASB, NACHA, Obama Administration, OGE, OMB, SEC, and AFTC), recommending improvement to their rules and regulations with a focus sharply on reducing regulatory burden.
  • There are more than federal rules/laws affecting credit unions; therefore, CUNA and the State Leagues pro-actively monitored more than 1,500 bills in state legislatures, across all 50 states, that could impact credit unions and the way they do business.
  • Culminating in 2011, CUNA’s grassroots debit interchange campaign delivered more than 2 million calls, emails and letters resulting in an improved Fed rule and commitments from key members of Congress to respond if the two-tier system fails to work as intended.
  • Nearly 160,000 credit union media mentions and pro-credit union stories were featured by leading media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC World News, CNN, NPR, Reuters and Fox Business Network, along with all three network broadcast morning shows Good Morning America, Today, CBS This Morning and many more, exposing millions of additional consumers to the credit union difference and helping to drive extraordinary member growth.
  • CUNA and League compliance resources remain unparalleled. CUNA’s members-only compliance webpage averages 1.5 hits per credit union per day, which includes CUNA’s CompBlog and CUNA’s e-Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations.
  • CUNA was credit unions’ first choice for compliance training including 293 compliance webinars, 8 compliance schools and 116 other compliance training resources.
  • CUNA awarded more than 33,000 certificates and designations, including: 4000+ Volunteer Achievers, Certified Volunteers and Volunteer Leaders; 1,014 Compliance professionals and Certified CU Compliance Executives; 800 Board Financial Literacy Certificates; 441 Certified CU Financial Counselors; and 231 Certified Credit Union Executives.
  • CUNA remained one of the most bipartisan organizations in Washington with 50.3% of CULAC contributions to Republicans and 49.7% to Democrats taking partisanship out of the equation and simply focusing on support for credit union friendly candidates.
  • More than 193,000 people made more than 240,000 visits to and 62% of these navigated successfully to the website by clicking on a link at a “referring site,” typically a news outlet’s website such as The Wall Street Journal or Time Magazine.
  • Nearly 4,800 executives have participated in CUNA Management School, which is in its 58th year, ensuring the growing number of leaders who are instilled with credit union philosophy and cooperative principles.
  • CUNA signed on 31 different trade associations, small business groups, advocacy organizations and think tanks to CUNA’s MBL Coalition, generating third-party validation and underscoring to Congress that the issue is about what is best for small businesses.
  • CUNA Councils grew to more than 5,200 members, representing more than 1,600 credit unions, providing unique education and networking opportunities for key disciplines including marketing/business development, technology, finance, lending, human resources, and operations.
  • CUNA provided online professional development to more than 1,400 credit unions and their 30,000 professionals and volunteers.
  • 9,100 comments on proposed regulations were filed through CUNA’s Operation Comment to the NCUA, Federal Reserve and other regulatory agencies.
  • CUNA helped nearly 130 credit unions integrate Creating Member Loyalty Service & Sales into their operational culture, driving revenue by ensuring members are aware of the many benefits of their credit union membership.
  • Credit unions saved more than $30 million through CUNA Strategic Services alliance relationships.
  • Owned by the nation’s Leagues/Associations and managed by CUNA, Credit Union House on Capitol Hill hosted more than 3,000 visitors, including 32 political events and/or fundraisers.
  • Credit Union Magazine has the credit union movement’s largest audited circulation base of 22,000 and is read by 50,000 credit union staff and volunteers each month.
  • 1,000 credit unions purchased Credit Union Staff Salary/CEO Compensation/Senior Executive Compensation Survey Reports ensuring they provide fair, market-based compensation to retain the best and brightest leaders.
  • CUNA’s web content for use by credit unions Money Mix and Plan It were recognized with prestigious Eddie awards for best consumer financial education, validating the quality online financial education available to credit union members of the more than 1,000 credit union subscribers.
  • Nearly 146,000 young members deposited $28.5 million into their saving accounts during the CUNA/League organized National Youth Saving Challenge, including more than 9,000 new accounts.
  • CUNA Councils approved 72 scholarships totaling more than $154,000 for executives to attend conferences and schools.
  • CUNA trained nearly 22,000 credit union staff, managers, CEOs and volunteers via webinars, audio conferences and face-to-face events.
  • More than 600 credit unions used CUNA’s Environmental Scan (E-Scan) for their strategic planning and insight into trends in the credit union movement, giving them the insights to position their credit union for success into 2012 and beyond.
  • CUNA Councils published 25 white papers and six “financial flashes”.
  • CUNA Strategic Services contributed nearly $3.2 million back to the credit union system.


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