Northwest Credit Union Foundation Plans Board Elections

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) is seeking nominees dedicated to its mission and objectives who will work to carry out the Foundation’s vision as elected members of its board of trustees.

The NWCUF is a 501 (c)(3) organization that engages in activities and programs designed to benefit Northwest credit unions and their communities, including providing professional development scholarships and small credit union development grants to support credit union success. The NWCUF works to ensure that it provides funding programs that assist in the continual development of credit unions whose ultimate intent is to impact and support their membership and their communities.

In addition to overseeing the Foundation’s budget and setting policies for its overall management and operation, board members will be expected to establish short- and long-term goals for the Foundation, actively promote the Foundation within the credit union movement, cultivate donors and work to raise funds, and promote the Foundation’s relationship with its partners, among other duties.

“Serving on the NWCUF board provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of our industry, our professionals and the communities they serve,” said Carlyn Roy, CEO of TAPCO Credit Union and a current NWCUF board member. “I encourage all credit union leaders in the Northwest to consider who among us can best ensure the continued development of our Foundation. Representation and engagement from across Oregon and Washington will ensure that we continue to have the support and outreach of a strong and vibrant Foundation.”

Credit unions will receive formal notification along with information about the nomination process during the week of May 1. Nominations and declarations of candidacy will then be due May 18, with an election to follow in June.

Terms for all directors elected in 2012 will expire at staggered intervals of one, two and three years, coinciding with the date of the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. Newly elected board members in 2012 will begin their terms on Oct. 2, at which point the Foundation’s current process of strategic planning and rebranding will be in the rearview mirror, allowing the new board to focus on implantation and growth.

Once those initial terms are up, all board seats will be three-year terms.

The staggered terms for the 2012 district positions are:

District 1:

One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

District 2:

Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

District 3:

Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

District 4:

One-Year Term, Ending in 2013

District 5:

Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

District 6:

Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

District 7:

Three-Year Term, Ending in 2015

District 8:

Two-Year Term, Ending in 2014

The district boundaries coincide with the districts created for the NWCUA board of directors this year. District boundary information is located on the NWCUA website.

The elected board will also appoint three asset-size board members and recommend an additional five at-large members to the Association board chair, rounding out what will ultimately be a 16-person board of trustees.

Current members of the NWCUF board of directors are also eligible to be nominated for either their respective district or asset-category seat. Prior to the Jan. 1 merger, the Washington Credit Union Foundation board had 13 members, and the Oregon Credit Union Foundation board had six. The merged board currently consists of:

  • Earlene Fantz, Chairman, American Lake Credit Union
  • Barbara Mathey, Vice Chairman, IBEW & Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Steve Wilder, Treasurer, Horizon Credit Union  
  • Brooke Van Vleet, Secretary, First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Paula Slaye, Ex Officio, Solarity Credit Union
  • Carlyn Roy, Ex Officio, TAPCO Credit Union
  • Troy Stang, President, Northwest Credit Union Association
  • Linda Barber, iQ Credit Union
  • Tom Berquist, BECU
  • Lesley Carrell, Fibre Federal Credit Union
  • Shirley Cate, Providence Federal Credit Union
  • Kyle Frick, Mid Oregon Federal Credit Union
  • Kathy Garner, Legacy Fund
  • Tom Graves, Prevail Credit Union
  • Cathy Henry, Northwest Plus Credit Union
  • Carlene Joseph, Harborstone Credit Union
  • Phyllis Kaczmarski, TwinStar Credit Union
  • Kimberly La Liberte, Global Credit Union
  • Gayle Yost, Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union
  • Carolyn Young, Kitsap Credit Union


Questions? Contact Foundation Development Associate Josalyn Alston: 206.340.4814,

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