Credit Unions ‘All In’ on MBL Push

The credit union movement’s all-in strategy to help Congress realize that small businesses deserve access to credit union loans is moving forward, and Oregon and Washington are taking a lead role. Small-business supporters have made more than 34,000 congressional contacts in support of Senate Bill 2231, according to the CUNA Grassroots Action Center, with Oregon and Washington delivering 874 and 2,294, respectively.

The Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) has received copies of 38 letters from small-business owners to share with Oregon and Washington Senators. One of them, written to Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden by Jason Wallis, owner of Fitness Over 50, an exercise and training facility for mature adults, not only thanks the Senator for co-signing S. 2231 but discusses what his credit union did to help his small business grow.

“The lending opportunity made available to me by the OSU Federal Credit Union was vital to the development and future success of my 12-year-old company,” wrote Wallis. “I can certainly understand how other small businesses are in great need of capital to make a go of it and create additional jobs.”

Additionally, Spokane credit unions reported that in just one week they collected more than 3,400 signatures on a petition that asks signatories to help credit unions help their communities by supporting S. 2231. The effort received local coverage on two television stations, including this report, which raised more awareness of the issue. The petitions were delivered to congressional offices on Monday. Spokane credit unions say they will be collecting more signatures this week.

More information on S. 2231, including information on what you can do to help small businesses is available on the NWCUA MBL Resource page, and supporters can access Vocus to send a letter directly to their senators.

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