Switching to a Credit Union is Easy to Do, Easy to Maintain

October 20, 2011

David Bennett

Not-for-profit credit unions have seen increased traffic since Bank of America announced its new fee. Now, as the Nov. 5 National Dump You Bank Day nears, they have made it easier than ever to join a financial cooperative.

“A new member can walk into a credit union and join in less than a half-hour thanks to switch kits developed to make it easy,” said Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) CEO John Annaloro. “I’ve heard pundits say switching is a complicated process, fraught with potential for costly mistakes. Switching is easy and safe.”

Not only are some consumers now able to join a credit union online, but new technology has enabled a unified account-opening processes to make turning a new member’s credit union into their primary financial institution—one where the member-owner can manage their bills, take out loans and save for the future in a not-for-profit, cooperative environment.

Because most credit unions participate in a shared branching program, conveniently accessing a member account is as easy as finding any other credit union—or stopping by the nearest 7-11. Perhaps the best part is that withdrawing money will not cost a dime.

“Credit union members can visit any other credit union branch and do their banking as if they were at their local branch,” Annaloro said. “Because credit unions cooperate to serve members, they deliver a value-added feature that is on par with any big national bank’s branching and ATM network.”

Combined, there are more than 34,000 surcharge free ATMs a credit union member can choose from.

“For consumers, there is no better choice than credit unions,” Annaloro said. “Credit unions are convenient, safe and—best of all—they are not banks.”

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