Washington Department of Licensing Teams with NWCUA for In-Depth Training

An upcoming training opportunity facilitated by experts from the Washington State Department of Licensing and Department of Revenue offers unmatched information on the process of titling for vehicles and vessels, including licensing forms, fees, laws and rules by which we are governed.

The Washington State Vehicle & Vessel Titling Seminar helps credit unions streamline Washington State titling procedures through helpful hands-on practices, examining the different forms and procedural requirements. Aimed at frontline and supervisory staff, managers, and compliance officers, the day-long training will be held on March 21 in Federal Way and March 22 in Spokane.

“A key component of the workshops’ success is the licensing representatives’ ability to explain complex subject matter in a clear and relevant manner,” said Carol Guyer, liaison officer for the DOL’s Vehicle and Vessel unit.

The Vehicle and Vessel Liaison unit is a specific subsection within the DOL whose primary responsibility involves training licensing agents, sub-agents, dealers and credit unions. Beyond its clear focus on education, this unit also troubleshoots computer software, hardware and network problems and acts as a liaison between DOL and internal and external customers.

“When working with business partners like NWCUA members, the goal is to help them—not police them,” Guyer said. “We try to address their concerns at the time they call. If we are unable to help them, we can enlist the help of agency management to help resolve issues.”

Of course, one of the most effective ways to help credit unions with titling issues is to prevent them in the first place, which is why the department places such emphasis on education. It’s also why this interactive presentation includes assurances from DOL staff that their role in educating and assisting credit unions doesn’t begin and end with a one-day training. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during and after the training, and presenters give out their contact information to allow for follow-up questions after the seminar.

“The Department of Licensing is continually working to improve titling and licensing processes and keeping the communication line open with our stakeholders,” Guyer said. “DOL is also continuously changing and updating our online processes to better assist our customers.”

Subjects to be covered in the training include:

  • Completing a title application
  • Licensing fees
  • Legal Actions
  • Additional titling docs
  • Internet programs available
  • Odometer statements
  • Processing out of state vehicles


Questions? Contact Training Programs Coordinator Yuri Jung: 206.340.4817, yjung@nwcua.org.

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