Harland Clarke Launches New Standard in Check Packaging

Harland Clarke has officially announced the introduction of CheckFolio, the company’s new check packaging system that will replace its traditional checkbox.

CheckFolio’s unique design aligns multiple checkbooks neatly in a slim, compact folio—enabling consumers to more conveniently receive, store and access personal checks. This innovation is the result of several years of extensive research and development. The consumer testing and client feedback was nationwide in scope and included focus groups, online video surveys, surveys on check use and storage, as well as security and identity protection research. Harland Clarke further validated the consumer research with financial institutions.

“As we talked to consumers, we learned that they wanted more than what the standard checkbox offered,” said Gwen Cuffie, vice president of product solutions and marketing for Harland Clarke. “So we took an ‘outside-the-box’ approach and developed a new system that delivers a better account-holder experience.”

Through its research, Harland Clarke determined that 94 percent of respondents preferred CheckFolio to the traditional box and other check packaging systems currently in the marketplace.

CheckFolio addresses three key needs consumers expressed about check packaging:

1)   Organization: All CheckFolio components are packaged together neatly, ready to place in a drawer, filing cabinet or on a bookshelf for easy access and storage.

2)   Security: CheckFolio is delivered in a slim, tamper-evident wrap, plus its unique design makes for discreet and flexible in-home storage options, allowing checks to be “hidden” in the home.

3)   Environmental Efficiency: The compact and efficient design of CheckFolio uses less material, creates less waste and is recyclable.

Harland Clarke has begun the transition of its check packaging to CheckFolio and will continue throughout 2012. For more information or to view Checkfolio, visit checkfolio.com.


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