Compliance Question of the Week

Where on our website do we have to include the NCUA and Equal Housing logos?

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) logo must be used on every page where you accept deposits or open accounts. It is generally recommended that you put the NCUA logo on every page of the website, just to be consistent. However, if you do have a page, for example, that is specifically related to only the making of loans, you do not have to put the NCUA logo on that page.

In regards to the Equal Housing logo, it is recommended that you post the logo on nearly every page of the website. However, it is only required to be on any page that is used in connection with real estate loans for sales or rentals.

So, in summary, it is recommended that you put both logos on all pages of your website as a precaution. However, the NCUA logo is only required on pages that accept deposits or allow accounts to be opened, and the Equal Housing logo is only required on pages that are advertising or related to real estate loans.

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