New Service Allows Credit Unions to More Closely Track Washington Legislature

As the 2012 legislative session begins in Washington, credit union advocates who want to monitor specific legislation or track relevant public policy issues now have a free new tool to use from TVW.

The new public service, called SCOUT, will transform the way citizens use TVW to access information about the state legislature, the Supreme Court, state government and the public policy process, according to TVW President Greg Lane.

TVW already webcasts every public meeting held by the Washington State Legislature and Supreme Court, as well as many public meetings held by state agencies, boards or commissions. If the legislation or issue a user is tracking is discussed in any of those events, SCOUT will deliver it to the user’s personal account.

 “No longer will an online viewer have to search through TVW’s archives each time they want to watch a specific video,” Lane said.  “SCOUT will do all the tracking and send the video to them. If they want to follow just one bill, for example, or a handful of bills, or even a specific issue like ‘levy equalization,’ through SCOUT, TVW will push to the viewer all of the video content and legislative documentation—past, present and future—related to their individual search preferences. 

TVW’s new SCOUT service offers many additional new features to make it easier for anyone to track, save, manage and distribute legislative information and TVW video, including:

  • Access to tracking all TVW video and legislative documentation (bills, bill reports, amendments, etc.).
  • The ability to save video, legislative documents or highlighted video clips in a personal account library.
  • Options to share video, documents or highlighted video clips via e-mail, social media like Facebook and Twitter, or create formal reports.

Of current interest to credit union advocates is the progress of SB 5913, and the bill’s progress can be monitored using TVW and its new SCOUT feature. Video footage of the Jan. 11 hearing and the Jan. 17 hearing are available in the TVW archives after having originally been broadcast live.


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