Redesigned Website Highlights NWCUA’s Ever-Expanding Service

Albert Einstein famously claimed that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing and expecting a different result. But as we enter the New Year, the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) is unveiling a new-look homepage, which underwent a complete redesign and now boasts easier navigation and a number of new features. So, for once, Einstein’s adage doesn’t hold true, because now, clicking through to will yield a brand new outcome.

Among the site’s new bells and whistles are a slideshow on the homepage, allowing visitors quick access to important information, and an increased focus on gathering and sharing industry news. The four most recent articles from the NWCUA’s newsletter, Anthem, are now readily-available on the front page, and you can now sign up to receive Anthem in your inbox by scrolling down to the footer on any page on the site. The “CU News” section also conveniently gathers relevant national and regional media coverage in one place.

Meanwhile, all the site’s most important functions remain intact—and most have seen improvement, as the entire site is now more intuitive and better integrated with social media platforms.

“The goal of the new website redesign was to divide up content into smaller zones that your eye could quickly scan to find the needed information,” said NWCUA Communications Design and Web Manager Nicole Charshaf.

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation, formed through the Jan. 1 merger of the Washington and Oregon Credit Union Foundations, is housed within the NWCUA’s new site, as is Strategic Link, the Association’s wholly-owned services corporation.

The “Programs and Events” page also saw several updates. Events are even easier to find thanks to the newly-created drop-down menu that allows visitors to filter by month, event type, and even by name. Events are also laid out in an easy-to-read table, with all relevant information available at a glance—including event locations, which have also been linked to Google maps.

“We look for our site to be a hub for communications for Northwest credit unions,” said NWCUA Senior Vice President and General Counsel Stacy Augustine. “Redesigning the site gave us a chance to fully re-evaluate our priorities and to make sure that our online presence matches the level of service we are providing our member credit unions.”

Anthem is also expanding its coverage of regional and national credit union news in 2012, adding a Friday recap to its existing twice-weekly schedule. The Friday release will give readers a snapshot of the most important and most widely-read articles of the week, capping each busy week with a look back at its significant events.

Readers can sign up to receive Anthem in their inbox or modify existing subscription preferences on the new site to make sure they don’t miss the new Friday recaps.

So, take a few minutes to click through the site in the same old way you always have. Just don’t be surprised when you find something completely different.


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