Credit Union Locator Site Traffic Explodes During Bank Transfer Day Movement

Bank of America’s blunder on Sept. 28, 2011, created an organic movement that resulted in hundreds of thousands of consumers looking for better financial alternatives. Many found their answers in credit unions, and evidence points to more than 100,000 of them having visited to find their ideal solution.

Since its launch on Feb. 28, 2011, the website has seen more than 200,000 visits. Designed to be a “one-stop shop” for consumers looking for information about credit unions, the site got off to a good start. Activity exploded in the seven weeks following Bank of America’s fee hike announcement, however, and the site nearly doubled the number of visits logged in the first seven months. Almost 90,000 people are noted to have visited the site after the Bank of America announcement and the run-up to Bank Transfer Day. The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) committed to a Facebook advertising campaign during this period that resulted in hundreds of thousands of newsfeed reads and more than 7,000 fans opting to “like” the page.

Some of the new members your credit union signed up last year may have found you after visiting aSmarterChoice.

“This is the only credit union locator that includes all credit unions—regardless of their charter, trade group affiliation, size or any other qualifier,” said Pat Keefe, vice president of communications and media outreach at CUNA. “Consumers really could care less about any of that. They just want minimal hassle in joining a credit union and taking advantage of credit union service. By including all credit unions, builds credibility and trust as the tool for consumers to use when looking for help in finding a credit union that fits their needs.”

The website includes information about the credit union difference, links to news reports about the services credit unions provide to consumers and testimonial comments from members. It also features an easy locator, allowing visitors to link to many credit union websites within miles of their home, school or workplace.

A website offering information on all credit unions is a plus for consumers, but being listed alongside all competitors is a negative if your information is not current. Frequently check the links to ensure that your branch locations, membership eligibility information and contact information are all current. The Northwest Credit Union Association’s communications team can assist with any hiccups.

While will continue to list information for all credit unions, CUNA has announced plans to offer added value to members by this spring.

“We are working on a benefit for our valued members: A more enhanced presence for League/CUNA-member credit unions,” Keefe said. “We are still working on the details, but our intention is to provide more information about member credit unions’ services to consumers, with an opportunity to update that information as needed.”


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