Person-to-Person Payment Service Provides Security, Convenience While Keeping Credit Unions in the Transaction

Credit union members, like many consumers, are looking for ways to send and receive money easily. Whether they need to pay the babysitter, receive reimbursement from a friend or move money between accounts, members increasingly want the convenience of electronic person-to-person (P2P) payments. Just as they trust their credit unions with debit card, credit card and automated teller machine (ATM) transactions, members will naturally look to credit unions to provide secure P2P solutions.

Credit unions can meet this need by offering DPXPay™, a secure P2P payment service from Harland Clarke. As a trusted payment provider endorsed by the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA), Harland Clarke supports the relationship credit unions have with their members. In fact, with DPXPay, credit unions remain in the center of the transaction.

DPXPay provides the key features and benefits credit unions and members demand. For example, the service enables members to conveniently and securely send and receive payments with just a few clicks online or through a mobile phone app. They can also move money between their own accounts at different financial institutions.

Benefits for credit unions include:

  • Attracting new members and improve retention
  • Enhancing member relationships
  • Competing with large payment providers
  • Generating new transaction-based revenue
  • Reducing costs as self-service transactions increase
  • Increasing online banking and mobile banking adoption
  • Promoting paperless and green banking initiatives

Benefits for members include:

  • Sending or receiving P2P payments anywhere, anytime via email or SMS text message
  • Making electronic payments with confidence using a trusted credit union
  • Eliminating the need to visit an ATM to withdraw cash or make certain deposits
  • Switching to a faster, more secure way to pay another person without having to exchange confidential account information
  • Tracking payments and transfers easily online and viewing transactions for tax purposes
  • Requesting and collecting payments to small businesses

Financial institutions that are part of the Harland Clarke Direct Payment Exchange™ (DPX™) can offer DPXPay to their members. DPX is a secure payment network that offers a common platform for financial institutions and facilitates the lower-cost movement of money while providing a more convenient enrollment process for consumers who want to use the network’s DPXPay payment service.

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