Credit Unions Seek Political Champions, Bonamici Campaign Seeks Volunteers

Democratic state Sen. Suzanne Bonamici is seeking volunteers to further her campaign to represent Oregon’s 1st Congressional District. The credit union movement, meanwhile, is looking to engage politicians on the ground level, creating champions for the movement through significant long-term support.

The two groups may well have found a match.

“Our credit unions have heard us discuss the need to create more credit union champions in Congress. We have the opportunity to do that with Suzanne Bonamici,” said Jennifer Wagner, Director of Legislative Advocacy for the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA). “This is an opportunity for credit unions to specifically show our interest and engagement in electing a credit union champion for the First Congressional District.”

The NWCUA announced its official support of Bonamici in October, and she won the Democratic primary by a wide margin in early November. She is vying to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Rep. David Wu, D-Ore, and will now square off against Republican businessman Rob Cornilles in a general election on Jan. 31, 2012. 

“We’ve supported her publicly and provided financial backing, and now we need to take it to the next level and donate our time to helping her get elected,” Wagner said. “This is where lasting relationships begin, and I hope we continue to show that credit unions can make the difference in a campaign through a strong volunteer showing.”

Bonamici hopes to gather her core supporters for a public event on Jan. 16, 2012—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—that will garner some press attention and kick off a final push leading up to the special election at the end of the month. As the week before any election is critical for voter turnout, an initiative to help register voters toward the end of January is also being planned.

“I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to have the support of the Northwest Credit Union Association,” Bonamici said. “Your support—and the time you can give to talk directly with your fellow community members—will make all the difference in this campaign. Your voice over the phones or on doorsteps is exactly what is needed to ensure that our shared priorities win on January thirty-first.”

More information about volunteer opportunities is available on Bonamici’s website, including a video that gives viewers the opportunity to hear directly from volunteers about the engaging fellow community members politically—and about why they feel it is important.

The Association plans to be a part of this process and provide volunteers. Those interested in donating their time are encouraged to contact Wagner to take part in the coordinated effort.


Questions? Contact Jennifer Wagner, Director of Legislative Advocacy for the NWCUA, at 503.350.2224.

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