Committee and Task Force Appointments Final; Work Begins

How the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) proactively responds to regulators, proposed legislation and requests for political contributions is often the result of recommendations from committees and task forces.

More than 200 people have committed to serve on sixteen committees and task forces in 2012.

“Those involved in committee service help by contributing time and expertise to help guide the association’s direction and stance on critical issues,” said Bill Anderson, chairman of the NWCUA Board of Directors. “As a membership organization, committee involvement ensures broad-based member input that strengthens the association and the credit union movement overall.”

The sacrifice committee members make to serve is worth the effort, according to Cathy Brorson, Outreach Coordinator of Marketing at Kitsap Credit Union and a member of the Credit Union Financial Education Committee. Brorson, like some of the other committee members, is a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE).

“Quite a few CUDEs serve on the committee, and really, DEs are cheerleaders and catalysts of the movement. It’s a nice fit for what we are passionate about,” Brorson said. “The value in serving is that I believe it’s the right thing. It’s who we are philosophically and what credit unions are all about. It’s a great opportunity for me to give to the movement.”

Brorson said her committee plans four to five meetings in 2012, but insists preparation and attendance “hasn’t been that much of a time drain.”

“We really appreciate the fact that so many people accepted our call to serve,” said Troy Stang, NWCUA President. “We know that every committee member may not be able to attend every meeting. Having a lot of participation means we will still get a lot of input, and that input shapes policy.”

Like the policy the committees are working to shape, the committees themselves are constantly evolving as well.

“We have created four new committees to address critical advocacy needs on state, federal and regulatory fronts,” Anderson said. “They are Oregon and Washington Model Credit Union Act Sub-Committees, Regulatory Advocacy, and Federal Issues.”

Jack Fallis, President and CEO of Global Credit Union, is in the trenches coping with the regulatory burden daily. He will serve as co-chair of the new Regulatory Advocacy Committee alongside Bob Newcomb, President of SELCO Community Credit Union.

The Model Credit Union Act Sub-Committees are also new in 2012 and will be charged with vetting out details of the annual state legislative agendas for consideration by the Oregon and Washington Government Affairs Committees and the NWCUA Board.

Committee chairs are in the process of scheduling the 2012 meetings. A complete list of committee appointments and charges can be found here.


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