Project Zip Code Update Ready for Download

The new Project Zip Code software was made available for download on Dec. 5, 2011. With the recent influx of new members, now is the perfect time for credit unions to update their information.

Project Zip Code is a secure program that counts individual credit union members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These numbers are then uploaded to the Project Zip Code website and combined with data from credit unions nationwide. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts.

All information is completely secure with Project Zip Code. In fact, only the number of credit union members is transmitted to the Project Zip Code website—member data cannot be viewed by anyone outside of the credit union. The master census that results from credit unions contributing to Project Zip Code helps demonstrate the strength and breadth of credit union membership across the nation.

The new software is available at the Project Zip Code Download Center. Project Zip Code totals for a specific credit union, state or league can also be viewed on the Project Zip Code website, where credit union representatives can also design Project Zip Code reports.


Questions? Contact a member of the Association’s Legislative Affairs team:

Jennifer Wagner, Director of Legislative Advocacy
Mark Minickiello, Vice President, Legislative Affairs
Stacy Augustine, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

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