Association Committees Set to Recommend Critical Policy in 2012

Which candidates the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) will support, which laws it will lobby for and how it will respond to regulatory directives are just some of the decisions Association committee members have an opportunity to influence.

The appointment process is expected to be finalized for the 2012 committees after Thanksgiving.

“The Association Board of Directors really takes to heart the committees’ work,” said NWCUA President Troy Stang. “In the final meeting of the year earlier this month, we saw numerous committee recommendations come through and win approval.”

The NWCUA Board of Directors is engaged in committee work along with many CEOs. But Stang pointed out that participation is grassroots and commended credit union CEOs for freeing up so many staff members to be part of the process.

“Serving on a committee is an opportunity for credit union professionals on many levels to have a voice influencing your Association’s policy and direction,” Stang said.

One-hundred sixty representatives of Northwest credit unions served on Association committees in 2011. As many as 200 people will be invited to serve next year.

“We realize not everyone can attend every meeting,” Stang noted. “That’s the value of having as many people serve as possible.”

After committee members are notified of their appointments to 2012 committees, mission statements will be posted online.


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