Oregon Driver License Numbers to Change Format

Credit unions need to be aware that the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will begin issuing Oregon driver licenses and identification cards with an alphanumeric number within the next few years. The DMV will issue the new alphanumeric licenses when all the existing numeric combinations run out. Estimates place the earliest issue date at the beginning of 2014.

Credit unions should take steps to ensure that any of their systems that use driver license numbers are able to handle the new alphanumeric numbers. It could be an issue if you try and input the alphanumeric driver license number into your system only to find out that the entry field will only accept numeric entries.

Some technology systems might need modification in order to use, transfer, or read alphanumeric customer numbers.

In addition, credit union staff should be made aware that the new licenses will start appearing in the future. This will ensure that Oregon members are not turned away or refused services because an alphanumeric number is displayed on their Oregon Driver License or Identification Card.

More information is available on the Oregon DMV informational page on Alphanumeric Customer Numbers.


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