Repo Remarketing Reports Company Growth During Repossession Decline

In a recent analysis of trends in the auto industry, TransUnion reported: ‘On a state-level basis, 46 states experienced a drop in their quarter-to-quarter delinquency rates, while only two states showed an increase on a year-over-year basis.’ According to Experian Automotive, both 30 and 60-day auto delinquencies dropped in the fourth quarter of 2010. Is it possible that Repo Remarketing could see growth of 46 percent in 6 months?

Repo Remarketing has done just that, citing analysis of risk versus benefit with clients and using the newest in proactive services as key. In a recent interview, Jodie Dawson, Director of Repossessions for Repo Remarketing, revealed that although their credit union partners had seen a decrease in overall repossessions, there had been an increase in “hard-to-find” cases. Some credit union members are using a variety of creative methods to conceal the vehicles and avoid repossession. Jodie recommends starting with an analysis of the risk (age, mileage, condition and type of vehicle) versus the benefit (salability). From there, Jodie stressed using top-performing agents, skip tracing professionals and the newest technology, such as License Place Recognition, as a must. With the right service tools in place, credit unions can look for a tangible difference in their bottom line.

Claudia Plascencia, Senior Vice President of Repo Remarketing, reports that Repo Remarketing’s growth success can be attributed to “providing end-to-end service solutions” to their clients.

“The success that our clients have experienced is based on our experience in the industry,” Plascencia said, “from skip tracing and repossession to transport and reporting through to remarketing.”

About Repo Remarketing: With Repo Remarketing, the power of aggregation brings credit unions together under one umbrella, nationwide. Services include: repossession, transportation, inspection, valuation, reporting and remarketing. Repo Remarketing provides a trustworthy bridge to repossess and liquidate inventory efficiently, using proven industry standard principals with advanced technology, adapted expressly for credit unions.


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