Portland Area Credit Unions Unite to Celebrate International Credit Union Day

For more than 30 years, American credit unions have observed International Credit Union Day. The 2011 celebration takes on a new meaning as the United Nations’ Year of the Cooperative approaches, and at a time when consumers are seeking better banking choices.

In Portland, a group of several credit unions agreed to unite on Oct. 20 as they work together in a public setting to reach potential members.

The Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) secured a permit for the Morrison corner of Pioneer Square for “Calling all Credit Unions,” according to Lynn Heider, Assistant Vice President of Communications and Public Relations for the Association. “We’ll have fun in a highly visible setting, downtown in Portland’s living room,” she said. “It’s a great time for us to get our cooperative game on.”

Team members from various credit unions will sit together to direct consumers to asmarterchoice.org for information about credit unions in the zip codes where they work or live. Benefits such as free checking, networked ATMs and the movement’s heritage of community outreach will be shared. The information provided by the NWCUA will not promote any individual credit unions in order to showcase the attributes of the entire industry. Participants are invited to bring along mascots, members and messages to share with consumers.

The celebration is timed for 4 p.m. The location is positioned at the epicenter of light rail and bus stops, making the high-traffic area ideal for public outreach. Credit unions interested in participating are invited to email Lynn Heider.


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