Edgy Video Released to Promote International Year of Cooperatives

“Big corporations have taken over and damaged our economy,” is the edgy message promoted in a video released by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) at its conference this month. “How’s that working?” the video asks, and answers in bold font, “More unemployment. More bank failures. More business closings.”

According to the NCBA, cooperatives address “the triple bottom line: economic success, social progress and environmental progress.” The organization reports that more than 29,000 cooperatives in the United States provide more than 2 million jobs and hold assets in excess of $3 trillion.

A diverse group of more than 200 co-op representatives met to leverage their united purpose on the eve of the International Year of Cooperatives, a worldwide observance recognized by the United Nations. Attendees at the NCBA convention in Minneapolis last week represented food, financial and utility cooperatives, in addition to co-ops based in a variety of other sectors.

The International Year of Cooperatives provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come together under one brand and one message to showcase the cooperative difference, according to convention organizers. Attendees were encouraged to work with the NCBA to promote cooperatives mainly through business and social media platforms. Promotion kicks into high gear with a major United Nations address Oct. 31.

Cooperatives are urged to work together to promote community events throughout the next year.


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