Ershler Encourages Credit Unions to Project, Prepare and Persevere

A packed general session crowd at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Convention and Annual Business Meeting sat mesmerized Wednesday afternoon as Susan Ershler told her compelling story of joining her husband to become the first couple to scale the summits of each of the seven continents’ tallest mountains.

Ershler, a top sales leader with Fortune 500 companies, weaved her climbing stories with her business success stories to motivate the audience to reach and achieve their highest goals.

“When it comes to achieving success in anything, you must focus on seeing yourself standing on top,” Ershler said. She equated her goal of climbing the 29,035 feet of Mt. Everest with her company team’s goal of achieving $300 million in revenue during a particularly trying fiscal year.

“You have to build within your heart and mind that ‘no’ really means, ‘not yet,’” Ershler said. “If you live that every day, you will overcome setbacks, alter your plan as necessary and ultimately achieve your goal.”

Ershler achieved both objectives thanks to intense focus and determination and, above all, the knowledge that “teams outperform individuals.” She noted that she could not have reached the world’s tallest peak without her climbing team or met her business sales goal without the work of her sales partners.

Her take-away message for the credit union community?

“Think big.”

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