NWCUA Convention to Include Unique Session on Political Advocacy for Credit Unions

This year’s Northwest Credit Union Association Convention and Annual Business Meeting is stacked with big-name speakers, the newest technology and more, making it easy to miss any number of valuable sessions on the agenda.

The session on advocacy training, set to take place from on Wed., Sept. 21, from 4:30-5:30 p.m., deserves special mention, as political advocacy is as important now as it has ever been. Having knowledgeable leaders with an eye on strategy throughout the region—and throughout the industry—will be pivotal to advancing the needs of individual credit unions and the broader movement during this critical time.

In this session, staff members from the NWCUA’s governmental affairs department will team with credit union advocates in outlining the steps necessary to set up a first-class advocacy plan for credit unions of all shapes and sizes. Experienced credit union professionals will discuss how they have made advocacy a priority and offer real-life examples of how it has paid off.

The credit union movement no longer simply needs “friends” in Congress and legislatures—it needs “champions.” This session will arm participants with strategies for building the grassroots army to get them there, and it comes with the promise of the most fun, unique prizes to be handed out during the entire conference.

Below is a detailed description of the session. Click here for information about all of the conferences various informational sessions.

Advocacy Training…Shaken, not Stirred! 

Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Location: Venice Ballroom 2

Description: Advocacy Training… with a twist! Don’t miss the session that will have everybody talking. We’ll gossip, cross some lines, test some limits, break some rules and give away some fabulous prizes. At the same time, we’ll also talk about advocacy in your credit union and how you can’t afford NOT to get political. We’ll tell you how you can implement a top-notch advocacy program that will help shape the future for the credit union movement. And yes, we’ll ask you to get involved. Don’t miss it!


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