NCUA to Disclose CAMEL Ratings to FISCUs

CAMEL ratings will soon be disclosed to federally-insured state credit unions (FISCUs) “during all insurance reviews and supervision contacts in which NCUA examiners are on-site,” the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) said in a recent letter to credit unions (11-CU-12).

NCUA examiners performing joint examinations with state credit union regulators will discuss, and attempt to resolve, any differences in the CAMEL scores of a given credit union. If differences cannot be resolved, NCUA examiners will disclose their CAMEL ratings “simultaneously and on schedule” with the state regulator, “but in no case later than the final meeting with credit union management and officials,” the NCUA said.

The NCUA added that its examiners will disclose CAMEL ratings using guidance published in a December 2007 letter to credit unions (07-CU-12). The examiners also will provide “sufficient information supporting the basis for the assignment of individual component and composite ratings,” the agency added.

CAMEL ratings will remain “sensitive and confidential” and will not be shared with third parties.

Click here to read the NCUA Letter to Credit Unions (11-CU-12).


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