NWCUA’s Danielle Brown Accepts National Role in Taking ‘Biz Kid$’ to Next Level

After a 15-year career helping to lead regional credit union trade associations, Danielle Brown is stepping up to accept a position with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). The Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA’s) Vice President and Executive Director of the Oregon Foundation will begin her new duties on Sept. 1.

In her next career challenge, Brown will be performing contract work for the NCUF, promoting ‘Biz Kid$’ within the credit union movement to establish it as the premier financial literacy delivery mechanism for middle school students. In her new role, she will be responsible for the planning, growth, and enhancement of the fundraising efforts, the implementation and use by credit unions in their local classrooms, and the monitoring and evaluation of the program.

 “I’m excited about the opportunity,” Brown said. “’Biz Kid$’ speaks to its audience in such an effective way, in a way a typical school workbook can’t. The beauty of it is that it is so well produced.”

The Washington Credit Union Foundation this June transitioned the “Biz Kid$” project administration on behalf of credit unions to the NCUF so that the program could achieve even greater national reach and prominence. The NCUF’s resources will allow for additional marketing and promotional focus.

“Biz Kid$” is broadcast on nearly all Public Broadcast Stations and has produced four complete seasons. Filming and production of Season 5 episodes began at the North Seattle-based production studio on July 26. Fundraising is now underway for the new season, which, upon completion, would position the show for national daily syndication, Brown said. If enough episodes for syndication are produced, it will likely ensure that the curriculum will be picked up in more classrooms across America.

Sad to see Brown leave the NWCUA but relieved to see an experienced Northwest credit union professional in a leadership role promoting “Biz Kid$” is RoxAnne Kruger, senior vice president at the NWCUA. Kruger was a driving force in the launch and continued success of “Biz Kid$.”

“’Biz Kid$’ has such a rich tradition,” Kruger said. “That will grow and continue, and with Danielle’s leadership working with state Foundations and trade associations across the country, the groundwork laid here in the Northwest can only blossom more.”

Brown expects “Biz Kid$” to continue a primary focus on the credit union culture, particularly since credit unions are the sole underwriter of the program.

Her professional experience touches nearly every aspect of credit union management. Prior to the merger of the Credit Union Association of Oregon with the Washington Credit Union League, Brown served as a consultant, a compliance officer, director of education, and chief financial officer for the Credit Union Association of Oregon. She then assisted with the merger transition in her role as an NWCUA vice president while holding the reigns as executive director of the Oregon Credit Union Foundation.

Brown said she is especially delighted that her new role will allow her to continue to live in the Northwest.

“There is a lot of opportunity to get ‘Biz Kid$’ into local schools and communities,” she said, “and I am happy to be part of making it happen.”


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