IRAs Rock According to Training Consultant Paul Kern

“Professional development, interactive, educational and fun” are just a few words that embody the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) IRA Training Seminar presented by Training Consultant Paul Kern from Ascensus, Inc.

With 8-years of IRA experience, quick-wit, humor and a genuine passion for the Credit Union Movement, it is no wonder Kern is asked to return every year to present training on the fundamentals of IRA knowledge and to address complex IRA issues important to credit unions.

“I am aware that IRA is dry,” says Kern. “So, I need the IRA Training Seminar to be amazing. I want people to love IRA when they leave, and show them how fun finances can be.”

For years, Kern has incorporated visuals, personal stories, and a lot of energy into his IRA curriculum to engage and educate participants. He has been known to compare traditional lessons on IRA deductions with something fun like a game of Plinko from The Price is Right.

Aside from the light entertainment, why do members continue to attend his two-day workshop year-after-year? The first reason is essentially for educational purposes, says Kern. “With so many compliance changes, the curriculum is revised each year. This year, it will be more detailed and include new topics that will take a different look at IRA, which will be both relevant and appealing to credit unions.”

The second reason may be because people can relate to Kern. He is energetic, down-to-earth, and compassionate to the complexity of the topic. More importantly, he admires credit union members, and sincerely believes in the Movement.

“I truly love what I do,” says Kern. “I get so much from it. IRAs rock! And, credit unions are amazing, so I believe I need to be equally amazing. They deserve my 110% so I give my all.”

Prior to joining Ascensus, Kern worked in K-12 Education for 10 years. Developing an IRA curriculum that is both engaging and educational was a natural transition. He is responsible for the IRA training Programs at Ascensus, Inc., and is the Project Manager for eLearning and IRA University.

Paul Kern will be presenting the 2011 IRA Training Seminar in Federal Way, WA and Lakes Oswego, OR in October. For more information, please visit NWCUA Programs & Events.


Questions? Contact Training Programs Coordinator Yuri Jung: 206.340.4817,

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