Spectrum Awards Judging Wraps Up

 Last week marked the beginning and end of the Northwest Credit Union Association’s 2011 Spectrum Marketing and Communications Awards judging events in Federal Way, Washington, and Beaverton, Oregon. Forty top marketing and communications professionals reviewed, evaluated and scored 100 credit union entries over four days.

According to judges’ reports, the 2001 entries were above par and included everything from radio and television broadcast commercials, to full-on coordinated campaigns with elements of public relations, branding, print, websites and more.

Each credit union that entered received at least two reviews on the submitted work, which was scored in four different areas: strategy, creativity, execution and results. “This was the first year that results were required for all entries,” said Spectrum Awards coordinator David Bennett. “It raises the bar when marketing is judged not just for its creative and execution components but also for its effectiveness.” Entries with the highest average scores that meet a minimum scoring threshold are eligible to win.

“Spectrum is designed to benefit credit unions in many ways. The Spectrum award carries prestige in the industry, but the judges’ critiques challenge us to take excellence to an even higher level,” said NWCUA Assistant Vice President of Communications and Public Relations Lynn Heider. “That said, it’s time to plan a party.”

Credit unions of Washington and Oregon which earned either a Spectrum Award or honorable mention will begin receiving notifications this week to help them better prepare for the Awards luncheon scheduled for Thursday, September 22, during the NWCUA Convention and Annual Business Meeting in Tacoma.

Register for the Spectrum luncheon event and plan your convention experience now.

Credit unions that entered, but aren’t receiving an award are also encouraged to attend Spectrum luncheon to celebrate their credit union colleagues.

“One of the greatest assets of credit unions is our ability to come together as an industry and celebrate all of the great things we do individually and as an industry,” said NWCUA CEO John Annaloro. “Convention is the time and place for an event like Spectrum.”

Those who are planning to participate in the Spectrum Awards Luncheon are encouraged to purchase Convention packages to stretch budget dollars.

See the NWCUA Convention website for more information.

Watch for more details about the 2011 Spectrum Awards Luncheon soon.


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