Report Card Time for Association

Much has happened since the Northwest Credit Union Association was created on January 1, 2011.

There has been internal restructuring, continued regulatory action, legislative victories and losses, and countless training events.

To ensure that member credit unions have a chance to comment on the progress made, as well as raise any concerns, town hall meetings with the Association’s leadership have been scheduled around the region.

One of the most important items on the agenda will be the newly announced redistricting plan.

Your recommendations and reflections on the plan put forward by the Governance Redistricting Task Force will be critically important. The redistricting is designed to give credit unions an equal voice, taking into account both asset size and regional interests. Your comments will be appreciated prior to the membership’s vote.

The agenda will also have time to address any other concerns or questions you and your colleagues may have about the Association, its work, and the future of the system.

Please mark your calendar for the meeting nearest you.


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