Oregon Legislative Session’s End is Near?

The state’s legislative session was originally expected to have adjourned by Friday, June 17. The legislature was then expected to reach adjournment by Friday, June 24. Today, the Oregon State Legislature is still in session with no end in sight! Under the Oregon constitution, the legislature must adjourn by July 10 or extend the session through a two-thirds vote. 

Budget Issues
The only substantial budget yet requiring approval is that of the Department of Corrections (DOC). There remains a $21 million hole that needs to be filled to balance the DOC Budget. Today, the deficit has been pared down to $18 million. Debate is expected to continue.

The big budget news in Salem last week was the passage of a bipartisan package of education reform bills. These reforms help promote choice, accountability, and innovation in Oregon’s educational system. These reforms include:

  • House Bill 3681, which allows students to enroll in the school district of their choice, so long as the receiving district grants permission;
  • House Bill 2301, which raises the current enrollment caps on statewide virtual charter schools and replaces them with a limit of no more than three percent of students from any single district; and
  • House Bill 3645, which will allow a charter school applicant to seek sponsorship from the Board of Education, a local community college, or a public university, if the applicant was initially rejected by a school district.

The package also gives the state additional opportunities to direct more funding to education using existing resources.

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