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In the past year the subject of Healthcare Reform has been a very hot topic and everyone is still trying to sort out exactly what the new laws mean for them and their employees.    The reality is that a significant portion of the new Law’s rules surrounding implementation have not yet been defined to the level of detail needed to access the total impact to both employers and employees alike.

What we do know for sure, is the new law will have an impact and a significant portion of that impact will be on businesses.  As a credit union there is a lot to keep track of already without adding in healthcare reform.   There is however, an avenue available to you through your affiliation with the Northwest credit Union Association (NWCUA) that will make this process more manageable and less intimidating. 

One of those avenues is the Association Health Plan, or Northwest Financial Employees’ Benefit Trust – “The Trust” for short a program only available to credit unions through the NWCUA.

An Association Health Plan is set up to be a one stop location for all of your Employee Benefit needs and one of the added benefits of that is that they make the maneuvering through the Healthcare Reform maze easier because they address the many issues, legislative mandates and compliance regulations at the aggregate level of the Association.  The result is fewer items being left for the individual employer to have to figure out on their own. 

Another added benefit of many Association Plans are imbedded Wellness Plans.  These programs are specifically geared to address the needs of its member employers that see and believe in the benefit that such programs can offer their company.  Unlike many plans where Wellness is just discussed “The Trust” has a Wellness Dollar allocation for each of its participating employers.

Through an Association Plan like “The Trust” many of the options normally available only to much larger employers can be made available to everyone regardless of size.


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