Try These Stress Busters!

By Donna Losch, Brown & Brown

A down economy can bring attitudes down with it. It is important to keep a positive perspective and not let stress infect your office.

Why not try these stress relievers:

  1. List 10 things you are truly thankful for;
  2. Find three people to compliment (sincerely!) each day;
  3. Complete one anonymous act of  kindness each week; 
  4. Take five minutes daily to breathe deeply, focusing only on your breath; 
  5. Watch a funny movie, read a comic, tell a joke; 
  6. Read a great leader’s biography—everyone has overcome obstacles and reading about them will help keep your life in perspective; 
  7. Name two skills that you have that make you proud of yourself; 
  8. Use the two skills above as often as possible; 
  9. Focus on what is going right, not what it going wrong; and
  10. Take a stand for what you want to support and promote rather than what you are against or want to stop. 

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