Washington Gov. Gregoire Won’t Run in 2012

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Yesterday, Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire announced that she would not stand for a third term in 2012, leaving politicos to contemplate the future for both her and the office she will leave after eight years.

“Today, I say, I will not run for a third term as governor,” she said at a press conference Monday. “After much thought and discussion, I know it’s the right decision for me and for my family.

“I need to set my sights on the next 18 months and make sure we’re out of this recession.”

First elected in 2004 in a tight and contentious vote that took a court case to resolve, Gregoire has been a strong friend of the credit unions of Washington. During her tenure, the following legislation beneficial to credit unions was passed into law:

  • Allowing employers to share reference check information;
  • Allowing consumers to use credit freezes;
  • Requiring companies to disclose data breaches;
  • Exemption for FCUs from paying use tax on conversion to state charter;
  • Data breach reimbursement;
  • Public funds deposits; and
  • Prize-Linked savings deposits.

While Gregoire is expected to be part of an Obama administration should the president win re-election, the governorship will likely be contested by two mainstays of Washington politics.

Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash. 1, is widely expected as the Democratic candidate, and Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna announced his candidacy last week as well. McKenna is seen as a strong candidate because of his ties to the Democratic stronghold of King County.

Both have worked with the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) on credit union issues and have received political action committee (PAC) contributions in their bids for their current positions.

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