Biz Kid$ Recognition by Washington Council for Economic & Financial Education

The Washington Council for Economic and Financial Education recognized Biz Kid$ for its outstanding contribution for financial education at its annual awards luncheon on May 31, 2011.

Pam Whalley, president of the council, presented the award for Outstanding Support of Economic and Financial Education to the show’s executive producers Jeannine Glista and Jamie Hammod at the luncheon, which honored the annual student winners of the Stock Market Game in Washington State.

“The council recognized Biz Kid$ for its outstanding contributions that go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Pam Whalley, president of the council. “The show is amazing because it takes financial education and makes it user friendly.”

“We are always looking for tools that can support teachers, and Biz Kid$ touches on universal themes that are relevant to many curricula already being used today. It is a very impressive tool,” she added.

Over 6,500 students across Washington State participated in the game in the school year of 2010/2011.  

“It is so exciting to see the continued raising of awareness of the series and the growth in opportunities to work with other organizations to grow its impact,” said Hammond.

During the awards luncheon, Biz Kid$ Episode 404, “What’s Up with the Stock Market?” was shown, and the council president recommended that all attendees watch Biz Kid$ and utilize the educational materials offered on show’s website. 

The council and Biz Kid$ are looking for ways to collaborate going forward, including linking to each other’s websites and on activities for students and families in the area of financial literacy.  Council president Whalley will also be joining the show’s advisory committee immediately.

The show, which is wholly funded by the credit union industry through a partnership between Invest in America and America’s Credit Unions, was recently nominated for three Emmy Awards.


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