In the Spotlight: Advocacy Awards

Over the course of the next month, Anthem will delve deeper into the new Awards program.  The fourth article in the series will spotlight the Advocacy Awards for legislative and governmental outreach.  (See part 1, part 2, part 3)

Credit union participation in the legislative and political process is essential for the long-term survival of our movement.  Strong advocacy programs are a key piece of winning legislative battles, defending legislative attacks and giving credit unions the opportunity to thrive.  The Advocacy Awards recognize credit union grassroots participation in legislative and regulatory activities.

Capitol Advocacy Award
The Capitol Advocacy Award recognizes all credit unions that have met high benchmarks for legislative and regulatory grassroots participation over the past year.  Credit unions meeting the mandatory requirements will automatically receive this award.

Credit unions under $100 million in assets:  Fill out the form online or download the PDF

Credit unions over $100 million in assets:  Fill out the form online or download the PDF

The deadline to return entries is June 15.

Top of the Hill Award
This special recognition is for those credit unions that have excelled and increased their participation in our major advocacy programs including:  Project Zip Code, CULAC Month, and the CU Advocate Program.  Credit unions that have earned the Top of the Hill award will receive special recognition at NWCUA’s annual meeting.  NWCUA tracks your participation in these programs, so there is no form to complete. The following criteria will be looked at with respect to the credit union’s size:

  • Completed Project Zip Code;
  • Met with local legislators/members of Congress;
  • Wrote grassroots letters to state or federal legislators on credit union-related topics;
  • Wrote comment letters to state or federal regulators;
  • Attended one or more Governmental Affairs Forum meeting;
  • CU staff attended State GAC/CU Day at the Capitol;
  • CU participated in CULAC Month;
  • CU made contribution to CULAF;
  • CU hosted a political fundraiser;
  • CU staff attended either CUNA GAC or Hike-The-Hill;
  • Met with regulators;
  • Participated in one of various task forces or committees with the regulator;
  • CU volunteers attended State GAC or CU Day at the Capitol;
  • Participated in chapter or district legislative event;
  • CU volunteers attended CUNA GAC;
  • CU volunteers attended Hike-The-Hill in DC; and
  • Testified before the state legislature on credit union issues.

CU Advocate of the Year Award—Professional & Volunteer
Credit union participation in the legislative and political process is essential for long-term survival of the credit union movement.  NWCUA would like to honor those credit union professionals and volunteers who have heeded the call to action to protect our future.  Award winners will be chosen from both Oregon and Washington and the awards will be presented during NWCUA’s Annual Meeting.

Fill out the form online or download the PDF.  The deadline to return nominations is June 15.


Questions? Contact Foundation Development Associate Josalyn Alston: 206.340.4814,

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