HR & Training Professionals Meet to Change the Conversation

Credit union professionals from Washington and Oregon met to discuss new ways to build culture and improve communication in the second of four HR & Training Councils of 2011. The council meetings are designed to facilitate resource sharing among credit union professionals across the region.

The session was facilitated by Tina K. Hall, President and Chief Catalyst of Kirsi Consultancy, who has worked in the credit union industry for 14 years. She will facilitate a session at Convention.

“One of the best aspects of our

industry is the opportunity to leverage cooperation to strengthen each of our credit unions,” said Hall. “The more we can understand each other, the more effective we can be as leaders and team members.”

Hall proposed a way of examining culture through the lens of value, which led into a discussion of cost-effective ways to build teams. The group shared a lot of ideas and best practices.

The afternoon tackled communication from the angle of strengths. Participants took a short assessment to determine if their communication talents fell into one of three communication styles. This ignited an interactive, lively discussion regarding group cohesion, team structure, as well as positive and constructive feedback.

The Association’s networking councils provide forums for peer groups to meet, share experiences, and learn how to address similar challenges. You can register yourself or someone else to attend a council meeting. More information is here.

The next HR & Training Networking Council will be held on July 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the NWCUA Training Center in Federal Way, Wash. Register here.


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