War and Regulation: David Curtis Covers his Bases with a Sword and Pencil

Nursing a few bruises isn’t unusual for Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Regulatory Analyst David Curtis. But despite his day-to-day quest to answer compliance questions from Northwest credit unions, this is not where his battle scars originate.

A trained combat archer who in 2009 earned through battle the honor of being Kingdom Protector of An Tir, the Society for Creative Anachronism’s (SCA) Northwest region covering Washington, Oregon and part of Canada, David takes his fun as seriously as he takes his work.

One war story he retells involves him killing King Nicholas with an “arrow” to the chest.

While he was felled quickly, later King Nicholas struck back by rendering David’s legs useless and then striking a blow to his cranium.

“Once he legged me, finishing the job with his sword was easy,” said David. “I’ll never forget his grin. It was ear-to-ear.”

The payback was likely bitter-sweet, though, as King Nicholas ruled the Kingdom of An Tir—yes, David had shot his own King.

“The speech he was giving was getting over the top, so I put an end to it,” David says

If only David could do to over-the-top regulation what he did to King Nicholas.

While the situations David gets into while battling for the Kingdom of An Tir are relatively safe, the pressure is real; the tension high; the stakes important, not unlike the job he does for the NWCUA as a regulatory analyst.

“There’s always a new regulation to keep things interesting,” David says. “But helping our credit unions is what drives me.”

According to him, 2010 was a year of pure learning as the entire credit union industry grappled with a pile of new regulations.

“It’s really too much for any single person to know,” says David. “As long as I know where to look, I’m in my comfort zone.”

In addition to answering member compliance questions daily, he also writes the bulk of compliance articles for the Association’s Anthem newsletter and maintains a compliance answer library—CAL, the Association’s data base of regularly asked questions from member credit unions. There are currently 835 FAQs, and the number is growing.

Reach David Curtis at 206.340.4785.

Reach NWCUA Compliance at 800.546.4465.

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