Three-State Western CU League Merger Approved


Credit unions in Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming have cast an affirmative vote to merge their respective state associations into a new Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA).  The results were officially announced by Mike Williams, chairman of the Credit Union Association of Colorado.

“The regional model presents an attractive business case-study that others may seek to follow,” said Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) CEO John Annaloro.  “Accordingly, more regionalization of the nation’s state leagues is likely to occur.”

Annaloro pointed out that the three-state working group utilized some of the work done by Oregon and Washington credit union leaders in bringing the NWCUA into being this past January.  He also noted that the three associations’ affiliated credit unions identified many of the same issues that Northwest credit unions identified in deciding that joining together would better serve the needs of the credit union community.

A press release from the MWCUA says that participation in the vote was high with overwhelming support of the merger.

Arizona Credit Union League (ACUL) Chairman Bob Ramirez said, “The support credit unions have shown is a strong statement to the energy that is behind this merger.”

Northwest Association Board Chairman Bill Anderson understands the hard work that went into bringing three different associations together to achieve a common goal.

“Congratulations to these three organizations for overcoming major hurdles to form a regional credit union association for the strategic and long-term benefit of their members.  Strategic combinations such as this are necessary in today’s environment to ensure the continued success of the league system as it responds to the increasing and ever changing needs of today’s credit unions,” Anderson said.

The new Mountain West Credit Union Association will be headquartered in Denver, Colo., with offices and staff maintained in both Phoenix, Ariz. and Casper, Wyo.  Scott Earl, President & CEO of the ACUL, will become the new CEO of the Mountain West Credit Union Association.

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