Rockwell Leads Outreach Efforts

In 1988 Kasey Rockwell began her credit union journey as a teller at First Tech Federal Credit Union in Beaverton, Oregon. She quickly rose to the position of assistant branch manager. The experience of working at the ground level with credit union members gave her a solid understanding of the important role credit unions play in the lives of everyday people.

Kasey is now celebrating her 11th year with the Association. She is well known in credit union circles for her focus on outreach programs that help advance the credit union movement in all corners of the state of Oregon. Now, as the newly named Director of Outreach Programs for NWCUA, Kasey is expanding her work throughout Washington and Oregon. Kasey has been an enthusiastic leader in helping bolster the strength of credit union chapters and is excited about her expanded role with NWCUA.

“Connecting with credit union advocates at the chapter level is really an enjoyable aspect of the job,” Rockwell says. “The people who engage at the chapter level are really committed to the Movement and it is energizing to be around them and help them grow and succeed.”

Kasey sees her primary role as being “a resource” for chapters and as a staff liaison to help facilitate communication between chapters and the Association. She will be building a speakers bureau for chapters to utilize for program content at chapter meetings and will soon be working on web page opportunities for chapters to better engage on information and activities within the credit union community.

Kasey also stays busy building and supporting the various networking councils throughout Oregon and Washington. Her goal is to expand this highly successful program into Oregon during the next year.

“I love credit unions,” says Kasey. “I am excited about the new opportunities presented by the NWCUA and the opportunity to meet and engage our Washington members.”

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