Oregon Legislative Week in Review

The bill that makes several updates to the Oregon Credit Union Act (SB 177) has a hearing Wednesday in the Senate General Government, Consumer & Small Business Protection Committee.

Oregon Priority Bill to Be Heard

Tomorrow SB177 will have a hearing in the Senate General Government, Consumer & Small Business Protection Committee. The bill makes several updates to the Oregon Credit Union Act including allowing boards to meet ten times of year instead of the required 12, clarifies loans to officials, increases investment powers for CUSOs and clarifies electronic voting procedures. Members of the committee include:

  • Chip Shields, Chair
  • Larry George, Vice-Chair
  • Suzanne Bonamici
  • Brian Boquist
  • Rod Monroe

Financial Literacy

Also this week, the House Education Committee will hear House Joint Resolution 24 which urges schools districts to require students to successfully complete one financial literacy course prior to graduation. The Association will be testifying in support of the resolution.

State Budget

The House has passed the state budget rebalancing bills for the remainder of the current biennium. The series of bills passed provide the funding for schools and other critical services promised by legislators last year, including $35.5 million for schools, as well as money for prisons, the Oregon Youth Authority and programs that provide assistance for seniors. The bills now await passage in the Senate.

Oregon Unemployment Rate

The newest report shows the Oregon unemployment rate dropped to 10.4 percent in January. State officials called the rate “essentially unchanged”, with the rate down just slightly from 10.6 percent in December, but this is lowest rate Oregon has seen in two years. Approximately 218,000 Oregonians are still unemployed. In comparison, the U.S. unemployment rate for January was 9.0.

Oregon House

Representative Bill Kennemer (R-Oregon City) has called for the resignation of the House Democratic Leader Rep. Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas County). Kennemer claims that Future PAC, the campaign arm of House Democrats, under the direction of Rep. Hunt, launched “false and misleading attacks” during the last two elections. He also claims that Future PAC distributed false information on the positions of Republican legislative candidates. Rep. Hunt has stated that the allegations are untrue, but did acknowledge an error in one ad for which he previously apologized. Rep. Kennemer has introduced HB 2896 to hold candidates and political action committees accountable when false and misleading information is distributed. House Bills 2894 and 2239 have also been introduced, both of which set limits on amounts that can be contributed to candidates. The effectiveness of both bills would also require an amendment to the Oregon State Constitution.