NWCUA Expands Compliance Services

Keeping the promise of expanding and enriching Association resources, the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) now has three full-time professionals dedicated to serving the regulatory affairs needs of our members.  Mary Sroufe has handed off regulatory advocacy to Jaycee Winn and is now focused solely on helping members keep up to date with the ever-changing world of regulatory compliance.  In addition to Mary and Jaycee, the NWCUA regulatory affairs group also includes David Curtis.  Mary and David are your compliance team and both are busy expanding educational opportunities and information delivery programs for members.

“It is wonderful that I can dedicate all my time to helping our members comply with current and upcoming requirements,” said Sroufe.  “The regulatory environment continues to evolve and we want to ensure that our members have immediate and comprehensive access to the latest information.”

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The Compliance Council program is now being expanded into Oregon.  Held four times a year, Compliance Council provides hands-on information on the latest developments in both state and federal compliance.

The next Council session will be held at the Crown Plaza in Lake Oswego, Oregon on May 17, and will feature veteran credit union attorney Hal Scoggins.  During the course of the year, two meetings will be held in Washington and two in Oregon.

InfoSight, a familiar compliance tool to Oregon members, is now being offered to Washington members.  InfoSight is a comprehensive digest of regulatory issues and information.  It is a resource for members to get the latest on newly effective regulations or review compliance requirements that have been in place for years. It also provides model policies that member credit unions can download and use in the conduct of their everyday business.  Mary and David continue to keep the information for Washington- and Oregon-specific policies, regulations and forms up to date.

CAL, the Compliance Answer Library, is a tool brought to the mix by the former Washington League.  CAL is unique among credit union associations.  It is a large database of questions and answers on any number of compliance issues, making it a one-stop shopping resource.  It addresses over 800 questions that members may need to have immediate access to on any given day.  Members can also submit questions that will be researched and then answers posted to continually build the library of information.

“The combination of InfoSight and CAL provide a more complete, more valuable compliance package to our Oregon and Washington members than either state enjoyed before the merger,” says Sroufe.  “InfoSight provides detailed information and digests on specific regulations or large issues, while CAL pulls information from state and federal law and regulation to deliver answers to compliance questions.  The resources serve different needs, and each does it well.”

And, of course, Mary and David are just a phone call away (800.546.4465) to assist members with their compliance needs.  Thanks to this “dynamic duo,” NWCUA is setting a gold standard for service to members in this critical area.

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