CFPB Wants to Hear From You

Our newest government agency is starting up with a…well, a tweet actually. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has already become a presence in social media and is offering Americans the opportunity to share suggestions, ideas, and comments — become a friend on Facebook or post a video on YouTube.

While comments have already been offered up on myriad issues, this is the perfect opportunity for the credit union movement to make its voice heard by those who will soon be partially responsible for regulating it. Want to see less burdensome regulation? Let them know. Have ideas for promoting consumer financial education? Let them know. Have comments on Regulation Z? Let them know. CFPB has created an open forum for suggestion, questions, and comment and we should make sure our voice is heard.

Transparency seems to be top on the list for this new bureau, offering access to Professor Warren’s calendar where you can view upcoming meetings, luncheons, and even her scheduled interview with Rolling Stone. There’s some pretty interesting stuff going on.

While there’s still plenty to be seen, we hope CFPB maintains an open ear for consumers and takes to heart our suggestions and concerns. To learn more and offer your input, check out their website:

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