WCUL CUAO Merger Voter’s Packets to be Mailed this Month

Paper ballots on the merger of the Washington Credit Union League and the Credit Union Association of Oregon will arrive in delegates’ mailboxes this month, on Thursday, Oct. 21. The completed and returned ballots must be postmarked no later than Thursday, Nov. 4.

Many credit unions have established a standing delegation of authority to vote on matters such as these.  These delegations of authority may name the president of the credit union or the chair of the credit union’s board of directors as the representative. If your credit union does not have a standing delegation of authority to vote, your board should pass a resolution temporarily giving one person at the credit union this authority. Your association will accept ballots signed by any party with apparent authority at the credit union.

“On behalf of the Boards of the Credit Union Association of Oregon and the Washington Credit Union League, I encourage all of the state’s credit unions to participate in the upcoming historic vote on the proposed merger of the two associations,” says Washington Credit Union League Chairman Debie Keesee. “For the past two years—and for decades prior—our two organizations have been involved in merger discussions. Throughout, our aims were to better serve the credit unions of our two states and to reduce dues going forward. We strongly believe that we have a plan in place that achieves these goals.”

Over the past three months, leaders from the Washington Credit Union League and the Credit Union Association of Oregon have outlined the vision of a regional association to their members. According to them, it’s a vision that calls for an association that does more than survive, but rather thrives—providing members with the services they need to make the world a better place for credit unions and the members they serve.

The two associations will also launch an on-line voter’s guide with information collected from the town hall meetings, handouts to distribute to interested staff and board members, financial details, and much of the information credit unions will be receiving in their voter packets. These other items include proposed bylaws for the new organization and the merger agreement that must be approved by both Oregon and Washington member credit unions.

All current dues-paying members of the Washington Credit Union League and Credit Union Association of Oregon are eligible to vote on the merger.

Questions about this process should be directed to Mark Partridge at 206.340.4795, mpartridge@waleague.org. Questions about the proposed merger itself should be addressed to board or association leadership.

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