Four Ways to Use Social Media in Your Credit Union’s Marketing

Is your credit union using social media to engage members?

While you may have questions and are not sure where to start, using social media is really very simple. Take some time to play around with the social media sites. You’ll soon find that social media is no more complicated than sending an e-mail.

But what can you do with it once you’re set up? Here are four basic ways to use social media in your credit union.

    1. Listen.  Of course you want members to follow you, but it’s just as important that you follow them. What are your members saying? What’s important to them? What are their needs, concerns, fears? What are they saying about the credit union? About your competitors? There is no better market research than the ongoing conversations your members are actively involved in. Why not listen to what they’re saying?
    2. Educate. Social media is a great forum for financial education served in small, but valuable chunks. For example, you can tweet things like:

• A small leak can sink a big ship. What small leaks are stopping you from reaching your financial goals?
• Balance your checkbook tonight!
• Do you have a budget for the coming week? Use our online budgeting tool!
• Are you still on budget for the year?
• What status symbols have you paid for?
• How much have you saved for retirement? It’s not too late—start today!

  1. Link. Send links—and teaser info—to articles that are already posted on your Web site. Let members know of other interesting, informative, relevant sites or posts you’ve found. Sending a link is a way to invite members to hear more.
  2. Retweet. Invite members to re-tweet your quick financial tips to their followers. If your tweets are of interest and of value to members, this could potentially help build your membership. It certainly builds community.

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