The Crashers are Coming! The Crashers are Coming!

No. No. Don’t worry we’re not coming to create a scene, light things on fire or cause a ruckus. Well…I can’t guarantee the ruckus part. We’re coming to learn, to share and to network with today’s credit union leaders.

We’ve crashed the CUNA GAC, are fresh off a crash of the CUNA/WOCCU 1 Conference in Las Vegas and now we’re coming to Washington State. Be prepared, to see something a bit different this September at the Washington Credit Union League Evolve & Emerge Convention: young blood. That’s because a pack of 16 inspired local credit union professionals under the age of 30 are coming to crash your convention. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait. Crash? What are you talking about?”

As members of Gen Y, you may have noticed, we don’t like to take no for an answer. Due to slashed budgets and a general lack of opportunity, many young credit union staffers have limited access to networking and growth opportunities like the League Convention. So instead of waiting for our opportunity to attend, we decided to invite ourselves.

The idea of Crash the Convention is to create a low-cost, subversive conference around the main conference for credit union professionals under the age of 30. The Crash includes intimate, interactive sessions lead by industry thought leaders and boatloads of networking opportunities. If everything goes as planned, we’ll do it all for under $200 per Crasher.

If you’re a credit union professional under the age of 30 and itching to get involved, rad, we want you. Talk to your boss today about this opportunity. I’ll warn you now, not all will be receptive. You may have to use vacation time and/or pay for it out of pocket. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. There is no other experience like this in our movement. After you crash you’ll be a part of a youth movement that will allow you to connect with an online network of crashers, apply for mentoring opportunities with industry veterans, take part in exclusive localized meet-ups and more. Crash isn’t just about conferences. It’s about learning, growing and doing. 

Edward Filene once said, “Youth is too serious to become obedient.” This is why we crash. We are serious about the credit union movement and we’re serious about making a difference. Sure, some might think we’re going about it the wrong way. But at least we’re going about it. We’re young, we’re fearless and we are hell-bent on making credit unions even more relevant. You can choose to ignore us or embrace us. Either way we’re going to make a difference.

To learn more about the Crash, visit Crasher applications are do no later than August 16th and can be found on the homepage. If you need a glimpse of our past crashes check out and

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