WCUL Awards 17 Spectrums for Excellence in Marketing & Communications

Gesa Credit Union earns Best of Show
with “Ditch & Switch” campaign

The Washington Credit Union League’s Spectrum Marketing & Communications Awards wrapped up last week with Gesa Credit Union of Richland/Tri-Cities, Wash., picking up top honors as Best of Show for its branding entry titled “Big Bank Breakup.”

A fun campaign that included digital, broadcast and print mediums, Gesa’s branding entry included a microsite, switchtogesa.com, that poked fun at banks that have reputations for poor customer service. A meta­phorical villain was created as Big Bank, a character who is used throughout every aspect of the campaign. Check out the fantastic television ads.

Spectrum is the only credit union marketing and awards competition that allows judges to critique as well as score the entries. Eighty-five entries were judged and critiqued by at least one of the 35 expert judges who participated in the awards program in 2010. Some entries were critiqued up to three times.

Pending a ratifying merger vote by their memberships, the Washington Credit Union League and the Credit Union Association of Oregon will open the competition to its member credit unions beginning in 2011 under the Northwest Credit Union Association label.

In order to receive a Spectrum Award an entry must earn an average score of 75 points (out of 100) and be the top scorer in its asset category.

Other Spectrum Winners include:

Digital Media/E-Marketing
$50-150 million: O Bee Credit Union
$350–600 million: Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
$600 million: Watermark Credit Union

Greater than $600 million: Gesa Credit Union

Less than $50 Million: Cowlitz Credit Union
$150 – 350 million: Our Community Credit Union
Greater than $600 million (TIE): Kitsap Credit Union & Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Public Relations
Greater than $600 million: BECU

$50 to $150 million: Woodstone Credit Union
$350 – 600 million: Salal Credit Union.
Greater than $600 million: Gesa Credit Union

Greater than $600 million: BECU

Coordinated Campaign
Less than $50 million: Cowlitz Credit Union
$50 to $150 million: O Bee Credit Union
$350 – $600 million: Sound Credit Union
Greater than $600 million: GESA Credit Union

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