Heard and Overheard July 15, 2010

“If they’ve been through hard times and used up some of their equity, but have adequate cash flow, that’s a good place for an SBA loan to shore up the difference.”
—Columbia Credit Union Vice President of Commercial Services Alan Ludlow to The Columbian newspaper.  Columbia Credit Union is Clark County’s No. 1 SBA lender by volume so far in 2010.

“People would often get us confused with their doctor’s office. It made it difficult to move forward. [Salal] was an empty vessel that didn’t come with any preconceived connotations.”
—Salal Credit Union (formerly Group Health Credit Union) Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Kirchmeier to the Capitol Hill Times and South Seattle Beacon.

“Like Horizon Credit Union, we’re community-minded.”
Columbia Basin Herald Publisher Harlan Beagley to the Columbia Basin Herald in a story about a recent shred event hosted by Horizon Credit Union and the newspaper.

“It’s exciting to provide a full-service branch to better serve our Grandview-area membership and we look forward to serving our existing members and new members alike.”
—Lower Valley Credit Union CEO Dave Ballinger to the Sunnyside Daily News in a piece about the credit union breaking ground on a new Grandview branch.

“I had one assistant manager that came from a lot of management and leadership programs at Starbucks, and she said that this made more of an impact than any of those. She showed up for work empowered and that has a ripple effect on others on her team.”
—Tina Hall Verity Credit Union Vice President and contestant in the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition explaining the impact of her program on one student.


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