Heard and Overheard November 1, 2010

“In the Northwest and Puget Sound area (the cooperative) business model is really popular. What we have in common is that our customers are also our owners.”
—Seattle Metropolitan credit Union’s Andy Wright speaking to the Seattle Times about Co-opapalooza, an event that brought together cooperatives from around the region to help educate the public about what they are.

 “It’s not necessarily about us reaching our goal. It’s about coming together as a community, learning what our needs are and contributing to that.”
—Industrial Credit Union’s Matt Vance speaking to the Bellingham Herald about the community-wide goal of collecting 200,000 pounds of food to food banks and service organizations around the area.

“The failure of The Union (Credit Union) – the first credit union closed in Washington State – is a clear example of the consequences these unusually difficult times bring to our financial institutions and their members.”
—Washington Department of Financial Institutions Director Scott Jarvis to statewide media following the closing of The Union Credit Union last Friday

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